How Far Will Nations Go In Extending Their UEFA Champions Win?

In this analysis, we look into the top four teams in the current UEFA Champions League and see their chances of extending their performance.


With Real Madrid beating Roma home and away to qualify for quarter-final stage, as well as Barcelona beating Arsenal at Emirate and at Camp Nou, the chances of Spain extending their lead is 80%. Atletico Madrid who have also joined the team is also a force to reckon with in Europe. The most difficult thing is for a Spanish team not to win this edition.


Hmm… the Italians had a slim chance of extending their win after Roma was sent out by Madrid. Juventus was left alone to carry the burden of the nation, but a second leg match against Bayern in Germany burst Italy’ hope of going to the next stage. As far as the quarterfinal stage of the Champions league is concerned it ended with Juventus for Italy.


The self-proclaimed “home of football” has put her hope in the hands of Manchester City, who have gotten to the quarterfinal for the first time in history. United left after the group stage, Chelsea was sent parking in the round of 16 stage, while Arsenal will need a miracle to qualify at Camp Nou. Can City increase England’s win by one? Hmm.. big question, anyway, England have 25% chances of extending their win in this edition.


No doubt, Germany is making impact in this Champions League, Wolfsburg who qualified for the knockout stage for the first time have also scaled through to the quarterfinal giving Bayern the support to extend Germany’s win. Bayern also qualified after beating Juventus in a dramatic 90 minutes encounter where they had to come back by equalizing at 91 minutes and taking the game to extra time before they eventually won 4-2. Germany have good representatives and also have high chances of extending their win.


Despite our decision to look into four, we may also be forced to look at Paris Saint-German who bear the burden of France and have found themselves in the quarterfinal stage. They eliminated former Champions Chelsea from the round of 16 after beating them home-and-away and having a date with the last English team standing Manchester City.


1. Spain 15 10
2. Italy 12 15
3. England 12 7
4. Germany 7 10
5. Netherlands 6 2
6. Portugal 4 1
7. France 1 5
8. Scotland 1 1
9. Romania 1 1
10. Yugoslavia 1 1
11. Greece 0 1
12. Belgium 0 1
13. Sweden 0 1ballon-dor-3
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