How Lionel Messi Shunned Pep Guardiola And Diego Maradona During His Wedding

Pep played a role towards Messi’s success in Barcelona

Lionel Messi’s wedding which was took place on June 30 and described as “the wedding of the century” may have come and gone, but the surprise omission of Pep Guardiola and Diego Maradona as one of the 260 invited guests still remain a shock.


No doubt, the duo of Pep Guardiola and Diego Maradona have made positive impact on the life of the Barcelona forward, it was under Pep Guardiola that the Argentine forward won his first ever Ballon D’or in 2009 before winning it three more times in 2010, 2011 and 2012 under the Spaniard.

Maradona was there for Messi at the 2010 Fifa World Cup

On the other hand, Diego Maradona tinkered the Argentine national team to the 2010 Fifa World Cup, where he played an inspirational role towards Lionel Messi who was also part of the team.

The absence of the duo gave a lot of public concern, particularly as there were high restrictions on who should be present at the event. Moreover, no reasons was even given on why Guardiola and Maradona were conspicuously missing at the event.

Pep Guardiola who is currently the manager of Manchester City while commenting on the role Lionel played in making him a world-class coach was once quoted to say “I thought of making Lionel Messi the world best player, but he ended up making me the world best coach”.

With the new season about to begin since the wedding took place at the end of the last season, this question on why the duo of Guardiola and Maradona were absent at Messi’s wedding still remain unanswered.

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