I Almost Aborted Cristiano Ronaldo – Ronaldo’s Mum

The need to review and look into laws and policies promoting the legalization of abortion need to be given adequate attention, as the film showing the autobiography of the mother of the world most paid athletes should give reasons for such.

Maria Dolores, mother of Real Madrid and Portugal forward Cristiano Ronaldo, revealed last year that she nursed the ambition of aborting the three-time world best footballer of the year.

According to Maria Dolores,  ‘I wanted to have an abortion but God did not want that to happen,’ she says to camera. ‘Cristiano was an unwanted baby but he’s given me so much joy.’

If the abortion had taken place some 32 years ago, the world would not have had a footballer of this kind. And this calls our attention to what would probably be happening to unborn babies that were aborted.

Would it have been possible that the world would have lost several other exceptional human in sports and other fields of life? Abortion though legalized in many nations of the world, is evil, and

Cristiano Ronaldo is lucky, but his mum still enjoys him till date.

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