I Am Ready For The WTA Tour In Indian Wells-Serena Williams

The 23-time Grand Slam singles champion Serena Williams will return to the WTA Tour at Indian Wells in California this week.

According to report from BBC Sport, the 36-year-old American said she is motivated by the thought of playing long enough for her six-month-old daughter to have memories of watching her.

Serena Williams was quoted by the source to say: she frequently wondered how she would keep going after returning to the practice courts following the birth of her first child. “It’s been hard,” she said.

Serena Williams whom it was reported to have almost died while giving birth told BBC Sport that: “There have been so many days, even still, when I’m like, ‘how am I going to keep going?’

“It’s been really, really difficult but I keep going and I know that I might not be at my best yet, but I’m getting there and every day is a new day and every day I should be getting better.

“As long as I’m moving forward, even if it’s at a turtle’s pace, then I’m OK with that.”

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