“I’m Very Happy With The Bronze Medal But Also Disappointed

GOLD COAST – Comments from Francois ETOUNDI (AUS) after taking the bronze medal in the men’s 77kg weightlifting final at the Carrara Sports and Leisure Centre on Saturday 7 April.

Francois ETOUNDI (AUS) – bronze

On preparing for his final lift in the clean and jerk:

“When I came out for the last lift, I just thought to myself, this is it. I either get it or I don’t.”

On injuring his left bicep:

“I’m very happy with the bronze medal but also disappointed. If I didn’t have this injury, it could’ve been a gold medal for sure, 100 per cent.”

On competing in front of a home crowd:

“This is my hometown, I was supposed to give them that gold, but I hope the public and the country understand about the injury.”

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