IMSU Alumni Will Beat UNN Alumni In Enugu-Enyioha Chris Anyanwu

In this Exclusive Interview, the National President of the Imo State University Alumni, Enyioha CHRIS ANYANWU, had a Telephone chat with JOSEPH ODOEKWU of SPORT INTELLIGENCE in Lagos ahead of the forthcoming IMSU 1st Alumni Convention taking place in Enugu. Enyioha Anyanwu who is a Lagos-based business man and has knack for quality Sport is confidence and believes that IMSU Alumni will beat UNN Alumni when both teams clash in a novelty match on August 5th at the UNEC Stadium. The novelty match is one of the programmes lined up for the World Convention which comes up from 4th-6th August, 2017 in Enugu. Please Read On


Enyioha set ahead of IMSU Alumni clash with UNN Alumni

Congratulations Enyioha ahead of the forthcoming 1st World Convention, how do you feel?

I feel good, being the first ever World convention which the IMSU Alumni will be organizing, it is going to be great, considering the fact that Imo Stars in far-flung part of the country and beyond will have the opportunity to reconvene and meet each other after a very long time, it is going to be a big event.

What is it about you and Sport that you practically love to have Sport included as part of events when ever the Alumni are planning a major event?

I have always loved Sports right from my days back then at the Imo State University, I played in the school team and I also represented the school during our outings in the NUGA games. Though I love Sports generally, but my passion for football cannot be compromised and as you also know, football is a beautiful game that is loved by many both in Nigeria and the world beyond.

You said you played in the IMSU school team back then, which wing did you play?

I was a central defender then, and I was popularly called “Enyimba” because it was impossible for anyone to pass me once I am on ground. I also captained the Humanities department during departmental competitions and that was around 1996, 1997 and 1998. I will be looking forward to do same when we meet the Lions at their den, and its going to be good.

Why did IMSU Alumni consider playing UNN Alumni?

UNN is arguably one of the oldest institutions in the South Eastern part of the country and have a pedigree when it comes to Sports, and you also know very well that they are called “Lions”. We intend to go straight to the “Lions Den” in Enugu and beat them before their home crowd. That would be really difficult for any team, but as Stars, we surely shall achieve that. You know very well that it will be very difficult for the Lion to outshine a Star, while the Lion roars on ground, the Star remains on top, and that is the idea and the approach we will use for the game.

Though it is a novelty, but do you think IMSU Alumni can get a win against UNN Alumni considering the fact that they will be playing at home?

We are sure and confidence to beat UNN Alumni in Enugu, remember what I told you earlier “You can not outshine a Star” and that fact stands. Hence, IMSU Alumni will thrash UNN Alumni in Enugu.

The 1st World IMSU Alumni Convention will also feature a “Health Walk” whats the distance of the Walk and whats the idea behind it ?

First we know that health is life and we also know the importance of good health to life. The Health Walk which is about 1.8km is a form of exercise, meant to encourage Stars (men and women) who will be coming from all part of the country to see Walking as a possible means of keeping fit and healthy. We hope to take off from Tuscana Hotel and walk through the Okpara Roundabout before returning to our starting point, the distance is good and will make positive impact on Stars who will come for the convention.

Finally, since you are a lover of football, are you a fan of any European club?

Sure I am. In fact I am an ardent fan of Chelsea, but when we come to the African setting I will always go with Enyimba FC of Aba, it is also my club.

Okay Thank you very much

You are welcome


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