Irish Boy Who Gatecrashed To Watch McGregor Fight And Sat In $80,000 Front Seat Row

The quality of security put in place for the fight between Mayweather and Mcgregor was high, but it is also interesting to note that a 19-year-old Irish boy outsmarted the security put in place by the organizers and sat in the front row of the event venue without a ticket.

The lad, Brian who sat in front of the seat worth $80,000 is a fan of McGregor and the lad who came all the way from Ireland wanted to have a better view of the fight, even though he knew he could not afford to pay the bill to get the front row seat.

Mirror Sport reports that Brian was in Las Vegas with two of his friends, who both had tickets to the main event. Brian did not  have his own ticket, but through two strokes of luck/genius moves, he found himself in the front row.

Brian who shared his experience with Mirror Sport, confirmed that there were two different security check points at the venue, “The first one was metal detectors and sniffer dogs. I hung around for a bit and then I noticed that Conor’s family – not his close family, maybe his extended family, like his cousins or something – they all turned up. I was well dressed, so I just walked in with them, and there was so many of them that it wasn’t a problem.”

At that point, he was in. But how did he go from simply being inside the venue to being in the front row? Brian had already separated himself from McGregor’s family. Luckily, a stray ladder came to his rescue.

“I was walking around a bit and I noticed this ladder just lying there by a door, so I picked it up and walked in, no security pass or anything, just straight through this door. Then I put the ladder down, found my mates inside and we played the waiting game.”

Mirror Sport further reported that the three lads looked around for three empty seats, saw three in the front row… and that was that.

Somehow, these three guys ended up sitting in seats that were going for $80,000 each. They even met Gerard Butler and Wesley Snipes.

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