Is Paulinho Worth The €40m Signing To Barcelona

Barcelona recently announced the signing of Brazilian midfielder from Guangzhou Evergrande for a fee m€40m, but it is difficult to see really ascertain the purpose for the signing of Paulinho.

Paulinho was one of the players signed at Tottenham to fill the vacuum created following the exit of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid.

He never ever made any significant impact in the squad before Guangzhou Evergrande offered £10 million to take the player to China, his move was in fact a big relief to Tottenham, who never believed the player could be bought at that price.

The 29-year-old’s move to Barcelona can be better described as having a round peg in a square hole. Paulinho is a hard-tackling and high-energy midfielder and this makes it practically impossible to know how he will fit into Barcelona’s style of play.

Paulinho is not a skilled player, he practically does not have the dribbling and passing attributes that made the like of Xavi relevant during his stay in the Catalan side, moreover his current age (29) is a clear indication that he is not really a player for the future of Barcelona.

The purpose for the signing of Paulinho to Barcelona is still not clear, as the new boss who is looking up to making the club a team for the future will be depending on a player that does not have the mentality which the club is known for. Or can the Brazilian be a replacement for the departed Neymar? Certainly not.

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