Is Pep Guardiola A Cultist?

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola is bound to end his first season in England without any silverware, but he is currently struggling to ensure he ends this season by ensuring that his side finish top four in the premier league.

The 46-year-old Spaniard mode of dressing and taste of fashion makes admirers begin to feel if the most celebrated manager is a cultist, particularly as his love for black attire has been introduced into City in most cases when City will have to go for matches.

Pep Guardiola is from a nation where 68% of the population are Catholic Christians, 2% are followers of other faiths (including Islam, Protestant Christianity and Buddhism etc.), and about 27% identify as atheists or non-believers.

Pep Exclaims

who then does Pep look up to or call upon when he is faced with difficult situation on the field during his moment of trial?

But Pep has not identified with any form of worship and simply wants to be among the 27% who are seen as non-religious or non-believers, ascertaining that the City manager does not believe in the existence of God. This further gives room for critics to begin to think otherwise about the City manager.

Pep Guardiola claim not to believe in the existence of any religion, as religion believes or teaches of the existence of an Almighty One, but who then does Pep look up to or call upon when he is faced with difficult situation on the field during his moment of trial? Pep has shown on the pitch and at the touchline on several occasions, that he looks up to a supreme being, who then could that be?

It is difficult for one to show feelings of exclamation, without attaching it to the existence of his creator, a deity, or goddess, how then does one understand Pep’s perception of being a non-religious.

In one of Pep Guardiola’s notable quotes before arrival to Manchester City, he stated ” I will be at Manchester for the next three seasons maybe more, but I am arriving at the end of my career”, This notable quote could also lead to lots of believe about the Spaniard, why would a successful manager like Pep think of leaving Coaching career at 50 or 55?

Another school of thought who tried to give an explanation to Pep’s comment believe that the Spaniard’s comment was based on the fact that he has probably reached his apex in coaching career, having won everything in club football with Barcelona and associated with a big club like Bayern and now in City.

May be there is more to that, but only the Spaniard can explain if his comment was borne out of personal principle or believe. Worse still, Pep Guardiola does not in anyway grant exclusive interviews, that even makes it difficult for one to know more about his concept of non-religious.

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