It Was Germany That Sent Samson Siasia’s U20 Team Packing In Egypt 2009

As Nigeria is set to take on Germany today in the quarterfinal of the Rio U23 Olympic football event for men, Sport Intelligence quickly does a recap about the clash between Nigeria and Germany in the Egypt 2009 U20 world cup while coach Samson Siasia was in charge.

While Siasia have had a good record with European teams at age-grade tournaments, Germany happens to be the only team that have sent his team packing in a knockout stage in all his outings. Although Spain beat Samson Siasia in the 2009 Egypt U20, it did not in anyway affect the team’s progression to the next stage.


Dream Team VI

History will be Siasia’s first torture, as the U20 team will face Germany today, the memory of Obiora Nwankwo’s attempt to dribble in the midfield before the ball was collected and a counter-attack gave the Germans’s a win in a match that ended 3-2 in favour of the German side, and sending the junior eagles out of the tournament.

Though Siasia has said he will ensure he does not make the mistake he made while playing Colombia in the last group match, which led to the Nigeria’s defeat by the South America’s, he will need to work hard and avoid conceding late minutes goal, as that was the major source of his defeat in the hands of Germany in 2009.

The Germans may not necessarily be able to achieve a win earlier, but they are good in utilizing last minutes chances which was what cost his team the ouster in 2009.

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