Jaguar Motor Congratulates Jose Mourinho Despite Delay In Announcing His Appointment As United Manager

While the former Chelsea boss is awaiting his confirmation and his official declaration by the management of Manchester United as the new manager of Manchester United, the giant car company has deemed it fit to twit on twitter, congratulating the Portuguese and describing him as #TheFrozenOne.

“Congratulations to Jose Mourinho on his appointment @ManUtd they twitted. He’ll always be #TheFrozenOne to us” the company wrote.

The company seem to be optimistic that Mourinho will be new manager of United, leading to the company’s decision to jump the gun and congratulate their business partner .

The former Chelsea and Madrid boss is an ambassador of the car manufacturing company, and it will be recalled that one of the reasons why Manchester United are yet to announce Jose Mourinho as new manager of the club is as a result of the brand name which the Portuguese signed while with Chelsea in 2015.

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