Jurgen Klopp Gives Up On Title Race, But Aims At Finishing Top Four

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has come out to state categorically that a top four finish this season would be a success.

The former Dortmund boss whose are so far the only team to defeat league leaders Manchester City also believes that City have taken a position that it would be difficult for anyone to meet-up with them.

Klopp believes that at the very begin of the season, every manager and team makes a projection of what they hope to accomplish, but maybe during mid-season they review their task again and become more realistic in their dreams.

The manager was quoted by Mirror Sport to say :“When you start a season, you can dream of something and you have to make a realistic target as well. I think being champion is probably the dream — not only at Liverpool, but especially at Liverpool.


That is why he talks of winning the title being the dream he starts with every season, when finishing ahead of at least two clubs who spend more than Liverpool on wages is a more realistic marker of success in football’s nuclear arms race.

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