Juventus Frustrates Barcelona Out of Champions League At Camp Nou

It was a frustrating moment for Barcelona after the Catalans were sent packing from the champions league following a goalless draw at Camp Nou with Juventus. The Italian side produced an outstanding defensive performance to deny Messi and company a single goal before their home crowd.

This is the second consecutive time Barcelona would fail to reach the semifinal, and the first time Barcelona would fail to win a home match under Luis Enrique in the champions league.

Messi failed to see the back of the net, as Buffon ensured the Argentine forward was denied an opportunity to score his 95th European goal despite making one attempt before firing other chances above the bar.

Neymar and Suarez shared in the frustration as the duo were denied opportunities to make an attempt on the goal post making the situation very uncomfortable  for both players.

Barcelona had opportunities to score goals, but they were practically unable to do the needful even when clear chances were created as the Catalans paid dearly for the 3-0 away loss they recorded in Turin.

Juventus last won the champions league in 1996 and were denied an opportunity by Barcelona in 2015 when they reached the final.

Despite Barca’s failure to progress, their home crowd showed them some love waiving Barca’s flag to cheer the players up.

Barca will have to prepare for their El Classico clash this weekend, a win would keep their hope of winning the laliga title alive.

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