Juventus Gets $7m More Than Real Madrid Despite Losing In Final of Champions League

Italian giant Juventus, will receive $7m more than UEFA champions league winners Real Madrid despite losing to the Spanish giants in the final of the tournament at Cardiff City.

According to Forbes, the Champions and Europa League contracts in Italy are substantial more lucrative than in Spain. This means that Juventus will actually pocket more from being runners-up than Real Madrid will from winning the Champions League

The difference in prize money between the Champions League winner and runner up is relatively small with Real Madrid picking up an extra $5M (1.08 exchange for dollar) on the $12.5M awarded to Juventus. With qualifying and performance bonuses Real Madrid will collect around $61.3M based on lifting the title while Juventus will receive close to $57.3M.

Aside the prize money, each team received an allocation from the market pool. The market pool is based on the domestic TV contracts in each country and this is where Juventus wins out over Real Madrid.

In total Real Madrid will receive $91.3 while Juventus will blow through $100M and will set a new high for Champions League participation at $117m.

It will be recalled that Juventus got more money than Barcelona in the 2015 edition despite losing to the Catalans, while Manchester City who was knocked out in the semifinal stage last season, got $94.6m which was also more than what Real Madrid received last season.

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