Life After Retirement: Usain Bolt To Open Fast Food Business In UK

The eight times Olympic Gold medalist might have ended his sporting career in a disappointing during the London 2017 championship, but the Jamaican has decided to face another challenge in life by venturing into the fast-food industry.

According to report from Mirror Sport, Usain Bolt is preparing to open 14 Tracks & Records shops over the next five years. A fast-food chain that will serve jerk pork and burgers as launched in Kingston, Jamaica in 2011.

The restaurants is expected to offer traditional Jamaican dishes when they open in the UK such as jerk pork, janga soup and pan chicken as well as the athlete’s own creation – burgers a la Usain – according to reports from the Caterer Magazine.

The 31-year-old Jamaican who was also reported by Mirror Sport earlier this month, for lavishing £7,030 on alcohol in one night with his friends during a post-retirement party may have considered creating a means to recuperate the money he has put into the industry through the Fast Food business.

Appraising his choice of London as a place where the Fast Food restaurant will be cited, Bolt was quoted to say: “London has always been a special place for me [and this] is giving us the opportunity to share our vision and our culture with you all.”

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