Lionel Messi Pays Argentina FA Security Salary

Barcelona star Lionel Messi has paid the salaries of Argentinian national team’s security after the Federation has failed to do so in the past six months according to reports from Independent.

The Argentina Football Association has been troubled in recent times and is currently being overseen by an external FIFA committee due largely to the fact it’s bankrupt to the extent that it cannot pay its employees.

Prior to Argentina’s 3-0 defeat to Brazil in Belo Horizonte, members of the national team’s security setup had no choice but to desperately approach Messi to ask him for financial help while he was in his hotel room.

Messi who has been involved in works of charity was left with no other option than to do the needful, paying the salary arrears of the affected officials who had been responsible for providing security for the team.

Messi is well aware of the problems facing the AFA and has publicly criticised them on several occasions with some reports suggesting that they were part of the reason behind his decision to retire from international football after last year’s Copa America.

During the tournament, Messi labelled them a ‘disaster’ due to their lack of organisation and professionalism which resulted in the team staying in poor accommodation with poor facilities.

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