Manchester City, Liverpool Are Set To Deny Arsenal Champions League Slot

The duo of Manchester City and Liverpool are set to deny Arsenal a champions league slot this weekend when both teams play their final premier league matches against Watford and Middlesbrough respectively.

City will travel to Watford, while Liverpool will host already relegated Middlesbrough at Anfield in a match that winning is key to both teams if they must secure a champions league slot at the expense of Arsenal.

Manchester City beat West brom 3-1 in their last match of the season at Etihad stadium to move to third on the premier league table, but will need at least a draw to secure a spot in the top four, while Liverpool who thrashed West Ham by 4-0 on Sunday after securing three points must beat visiting Middlesbrough on their final premier league match on Sunday to keep their champions league spot alive.

Arsenal will be hosting Everton on last day of match and will need an outright win, but their hope of getting a top four spot will depend on either of Manchester City or Liverpool if they drop points in any of their matches.

However, the scenario could lead to champions league play-off where Arsenal wins, City loses and Liverpool eventually wins, or where City draws with high margin, Liverpool wins with high margin and Arsenal wins eventually. But in a case where Manchester City and Liverpool wins out rightly, Arsenal are out of the spot.


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  1. Arsenal situation very critical but a miracle is possible but very slim.

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