Manchester City Are Now Chasing New Records -Guardiola

Manchester City boss believes that his side will now be chasing new records after winning the premier league title following United’s loss to West Brom on Saturday.

City boss side thrashed Swansea City 5-0 despite winning the premier league before that match and Pep Guardiola wants his side to create new records.

With four more matches left for the premier league champions who are currently having 90 points and are 16 points adrift Manchester United, City have the opportunity to win the title with a minimum of 100 points.

Three wins and a draw in their remaining four matches would land them on 100 points, while four wins mean they will finish the season with 102 points, with this record outclassing Chelsea’s 95 points record set in the 2004/2005 season.

No team has picked up 100 points in a single premier league season and City will be looking up to become the first to set that record if they win their remaining matches.

On a personal note, Pep Guardiola will also be looking forward to break his 99 points record at Barcelona by winning the title with at least 100 points.

In addition Chelsea’s most wins record set in 2016/2017  with 30 wins is at stake now as City who are having 29 wins could cancel that record and create a new one should they win at least two of their remaining four matches.

On goals record setting, City be looking up to cancel Chelsea’s 103 most goals record set in 2016/2017 should they score at least six goals in their remaining matches which will take them to 104 goals to set a new record.

Pep Guadriola’s side will also be hoping to win the league with the highest margin if they win all their remaining matches and United lose one, and that would mean canceling United’s 18 points margin record set in 1999/2000 under Sir Alex Ferguson.

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