Manchester United Bow At Old Trafford To Manchester City In Derby Drama

Jose Mourinho’s men bowed to the pressure of visiting Manchester City in a derby drama that saw the league leaders move 11 points clear their host after a dramatic 2-1 victory.

City came to Old Trafford determined to increase the gap between them an United, and it was obvious from the way they played that they deserved victory they possessed the ball more than their host and played with lots of confidence and courage.

However, United who needed to close the gap did not show from their pattern of play that they needed a win in the derby, they allowed their guest dictate the pace of the game and simply packed the bus in a typical Mourinho style of play.

David Silva opened scoring for City in 43rd minutes, before Rashford scored on injury time before half time to put the game at 1-1 draw at half-time, but City were more tactical and determined in the second half, as Otamendi scored the winning goal to make Guardiola’s men triumph in the derby.

The win is Manchester City’s 15th win in the premier league, and its arguably the best they have gotten in the history of the premier league and it gives them confidence ahead of their next match on Wednesday when they face

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