Manchester United Vs Manchester City: Who Will Bow In Manchester Derby?

The English premier league is about to witness one of the greatest derbies, as Manchester United play host to league leaders Manchester City in a clash that would feature two great managers who have achieved remarkable feats in their managerial careers as football managers.

City have gone unbeaten since April 2017, until they eventually recorded their first loss to Shakhtar Donetz in the champions league during the week. That loss was their first in all competitions and would probably not want to be like PSG who recorded a second loss in both the ligue 1 and champions league.

Manchester United trail City with eight points, though have already lost two premier league matches this season. They will probably be hoping to close the gap between them and their neighbours when they meet tomorrow at the Old Trafford stadium, but City may not want to bow.

Manchester City currently have what it takes to win the derby, but must be careful when they attack, as Mourinho will be mapping out strategies to ensure his side gets a goal maybe through lose ball which can be converted to a counter-attack.

Sunday’s Manchester derby may not determine automatically who may win the league, but the result can influence lots of things on who eventually wins the league, the more reason both teams must be very careful in the match. A win for City means they have gone 11 points adrift United, while a win for United means they have closed the gap by 5 points.

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