Manchester United Will Spend About £3m As Refunds For “Fiasco”

Manchester United will spend an estimated sum of about £3m as refunds for all ticket holders from both Manchester United and Bournemouth fans ahead of the Tuesday’s re-arranged premier league tie to hold at Old Trafford.

A dummy bomb used in a security area caused a Premier League match at Old Trafford to be postponed, leading to the invitation of Bomb disposal experts to the 75,000-seat stadium on Sunday after the replica device was found in a toilet.

Following today’s controlled explosion, it was discovered that the item was a training device which had accidentally been left by a private company following a training exercise involving explosive search dogs.

The device that was accidentally left behind by a private firm was mistaken for bomb, leading to crisis, fear and uncertainty among fans.

The inconvenience the postponement caused fans, may not be valued monetarily, but in terms of the time wasted by fans in travelling and abandoning other important things to watch the match United will have to take care of that via opening the stadium for them to come watch the match.

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