Football Gives Room For Reconciliation And Peace

The supposed long-term feud between the world’s two greatest footballers Diego Maradona of Argentina and Pele of Brazil saw an end in France, as both legends were in a warm embrace during the legend’s football match sponsored by Hublot during the Euro 2016 championship.

Maradona 55, and Pele 75 both won the world cup for their countries, but have been heard on several occasions and disagreeing on issues publicly, leading to the suspicion that both were at logger-heads with each other.

In 2000 the world governing football body FIFA conducted an online vote to decide the greatest player of the 20th century, but the outcome of the result caused more faction between the two legends. Maradona emerged as clear winner, but the world football chiefs argued that the online users who voted in the exercise were too young to have watched Pele and ordered a re-vote via FIFA Magazine.


Maradona raised Pele’s hand up before the crowd

This time, Pele won comfortably. Based on this FIFA agreed to split the award and name the two players the greatest players of all-time.¬†Maradona later walked out of the gala in Rome so he could not see Pele being handed his award, as the Argentine claimed that “Pele won by forfeit.”

During the South Africa 2010 World Cup event for example, Maradona who was the coach of the Argentina squad criticized FIFA’s introduction and use of the Jabulani ball. He described the ball as not good enough for the tournament, but he received a heavy blow from Pele, who described Maradona as one who is not technically sound to manage a team but quick to apportion blame to the ball.

However, the pair shared a historic hug as they met in Paris during the Euro 2016, setting aside their differences and sharing a joke on stage as specially invited guests watched on.

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