Mayweather Vs McGregor: Round By Round Update

Round 1

McGregor has delivered on his promise to come forward, forcing Mayweather back to the ropes. With his right hand slung low, the Irishman did not look fazed by the undefeated fighter in front of him. One uppercut in particular landed flush. Mayweather gradually came into the round but when he threw a body shot, McGregor merely stepped back and smiled before putting his hands behind his back. 10-9 McGregor

Round 2

McGregor was warned for the first time for hitting on the top of Mayweathr’s head. Again the Las Vegas resident was forced back but he had proven time and time again he was comfortable there. The Irishman switched stances for the first time and continued to land pot-shots, although Mayweather managed a right of his own. 10-9 McGregor

Round 3

Another warning for hitting to the back of the head, but McGregor landed a right before tying up Mayweather. Then a left uppercut found its mark and although Mayweather retaliated, it wasn’t enough to prevent another round slipping away. 10-9 McGregor.

Round 4

McGregor once again backs up Mayweather and lands to the body but the former five-weigh world champion claims a low blow. The UFC star gets away with yet more shot to the head before Mayweather sprung into life as McGregor showed signs of tiring. McGregor did land a solid left as the seconds ticked by. 10-9 Mayweather

Round 5

loyd looks comfortable between rounds, this is developing into his fight! Mayweather now cruising, can McGregor find any pop to his shots to trouble the American? The long rangy jab is keeping Mayweather at bay.

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