Mayweather vs Neymar: Who Earned More In Their 2017 Deals ?

Mayweather and Neymar are arguably one of the most talked about earnings that have attracted attention in the year 2017, with the duo getting staggering amounts that made them outstanding in their various Sports during the period of review.

The 40-year-old American boxer was reported to have pocketed as much as £300million (N140b) from his 50th and final fight, a sum which he is likely not to earn again except if there is a review in his retirement in the future.

On the other hand, the 25-year-old Brazilian forward who made a world-record move to Paris Saint-German was signed for the sum of 222million (N96b) on five-year contract which makes it practically mandatory that he has an obligation with the French side till 2020.

Mayweather is retired while Neymar is at his peak


Mayweather who is retired may not get any earning for any fight in the future, but may have the opportunity to sign image right deals that could last for as much as five-years, but that may also be subject to the existence of young boxers who are likely to be considered in the Sports.

While Neymar who is 25 and has a current deal that takes him up to the age of 30 year, is open to sign new lucrative image rights deal that is capable of making him earn more in addition to his current sign on fee.


Mayweather will be faced with little or no risk, since he will not be faced with any fight in the future and will probably have to consider financial investment as possible means of increasing his wealth.

The 40-year-old may also consider venturing into coaching and that could probably earn him some money, without much risks attached to it. But should he consider coming out of retirement to embark on any fight again, he is likely to earn more but may also increase his chances of facing serious health risks in the future.

Neymar on the other hand has a higher prospects to earn more and also faces a higher chance of risks in the future. Injury could affect his earnings in the future while his contract runs with the French giants, but his chances of increasing his earning in the future more in the future is largely depending on his ability to win multiple and series of silverware with his club.

Paris Saint-German are yet to win the champions league, if Neymar succeeds in winning it with PSG, the world will be at his feet. His earnings could also be positively affected if he emerges as the world best footballer. As he will be seen as restoring the Brazilian pride and making PSG move from a second tier club to an elites in European championship.


The duo are been considered based on their various Sports, but it is also important we conclude by presenting argument for and against the two Sports which the duo have found themselves.

Boxing is an individual Sport, with emphasis on the performance of the fighter whose personal effort must play a significant role in his success in the future, while football is a team sport that requires the technical inputs of all the various department (wings) for any individual in the team to be successful.

It therefore means that Neymar will largely depend on the efforts of team work, to earn more than what he currently earns in the future. An action which means he will need good technical bench, team spirit and be in a good state of mind .



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