Mexico Sinks A Suarez-Less Uruguay By 3-1 After Wrong National Anthem Was Played For Uruguay

Mexico had their day in the on going Copa America Centunario, as they defeated Uruguay 3-1, to get the maximum three points, and to take a lead in their head-to-head count in their last eight meetings. With the win, Mexico have recorded four wins against a Uruguay side that has three wins with one draw amidst in their last eight meetings.

uruguay 1

Confusion sets in as Chilean national anthem was mistakenly played

Uruguay hitman, Luis Suarez who was Europe’s highest goal scorer for the 2015/2016 was not available due to an injury he had while playing for Barcelona, and his side would certainly miss him in the match.

Unfortunately, one of the greatest set-back which Uruguay had was when the Chilean national anthem was mistakenly played in place of their own national anthem by the organizers at the begin of the match,getting the squad confused, sending wrong signal and demoralizing the Uruguay side who were already going to play without their star player.



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