Micro-finance Bank Detains Sport Journalist Illegally In Lagos

A Micro-finance Bank bank by name Microcred Micro-finance Bank situated at 314 Herbert Macaulay street Yaba Lagos yesterday violated the right of a Nigerian Sport Journalist by illegally detaining him in the banking hall with the services of their Halogen Security operative.

The Sport Journalist (names withheld) who was a guarantor to an existing loan was called earlier in respect to his guarantee after all efforts made by the bank to reach the guarantee proved abortive.

The Journalist promised to get across to his guarantee via phone, but all efforts also proved abortive so he called the bank back to tell them that he would report to the bank before close of business to discuss modalities on how best to approach the issue while he makes physical effort to meet with his guarantee.

Things went sour at the bank when the Journalist who initially planned to do a transaction at the Sabo Post office and a clients office decided to first reach the bank at about 4:15 pm and requested that he be given on or before Friday to get across to his guarantee.

His request was blatantly turned down by one Mr Solomon who refused to accept his request and however instructed the Halogen security to have him detained in the banking hall for about 4 hours.

All  efforts made to get his freedom from the banking hall proved abortive as he was abandoned there while the micro-finance bank officials continued with their normal business.

The Journalist put a call across to his colleague and his family lawyer who all arrived in due course and witnessed the ugly incident while his Lawyer, pointed that issue of the violation of his right and illegal detention will be addressed in due course.

However, the National President of SWAN who was reached on the issue but was on official assignment outside the country, is yet to make an official statement to that effect.


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