Morocco Lost It All At Russia 2018

It was a painful day for Morocco as the North African side lost their final opportunity of making their fans happy courtesy of Iago Aspas late goal which made Spain move to the top of the table with five points after a 2-2 draw.

Aspas scored the painful goal that shattered Morocco’s source of joy

Morocco’s 2-1 lead before the goal came would have been a source of joy for a nation that was playing for pride having known that they are not in any way seeking qualification of any kind, but that joy was soon shattered when that late goal came.

Morocco had earlier lost their sixth world cup bid to a combined team of United States, Mexico and Canada. Losing their opener to Iran by 1-0 and their second game of the group to Portugal was more than enough before Spain ended their last source of hope.

No country in this tournament must have suffered the most defeat than Morocco, it was painful as the players wept after the final whistle was blown by the referee.

The psychological impact which the players and their fans had experienced was much on them, it was so painful that they had expected that at least they a win their last match to give them the joy which they missed out when they lost the bid to host the 2026 World Cup.

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