Mourinho Wants To Exchange Europa Cup For Lost Lives

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has said his side would give up their Europa League trophy if it would bring back the 22 victims of Monday’s terror attack in Manchester before the Europa League final match.

Manchester United beat Ajax 2-0 in Stockholm on Wednesday to win the Europa League for the first time, but the memory of the dead victims who suffered deadly suicide attack at Manchester Arena seems to still leave with the city.

The 54-year-old manager who spoke with reporters after the match at the Friends Arena said “If we could, we would obviously change the people’s lives for this cup.

Mourinho further said, “We wouldn’t think twice to do so. Does this cup make the city of Manchester a little bit happier? Maybe. But we just came to do our job.

“We came without the happiness we should bring with us, because when you come for these big matches, you come happy, you come proud. And we didn’t. we just came to do our job.”

Mourinho who agreed with UEFA’s decision to allow the match to go ahead after the ugly incident, said the victory would always be associated with sad thoughts about what happened in Manchester.

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