Mourinho’s Arrival At Old Trafford, The Exit Of Juan Matta

If there is one player in Manchester United who never wished that Jose Mourinho be considered as manager at Old Trafford, that player definitely is Juan Matta.

The Spaniard arrived Old Trafford in 2014 after leaving Chelsea under the tutelage of the former Chelsea boss, who is now expected to take over at summer in Old Trafford. The Spaniard did not fit into the style of play of the Portuguese manager, leading to his exit in the transfer window of January 2014.

Mourinho who has now been confirmed manager at Old Trafford on a three-year deal, has a new challenge with the Red Devils. Leading the team to Europa and qualifying them for the uefa champions league.

The arrival of new and world-class managers such Pep Guardiola, Conte in England does not give room for the former Chelsea boss to gamble with selection, as he is likely going to get players who will fit into his defensive style of play, with Juan Matta not being a likely player to get the slot.

Matta’s arrival in Old Trafford since 2014 has led to the Spaniard having 86 appearances and scoring 21 goals. Though his contract runs till 2018 but the Portuguese manager is likely to depart Old Trafford on the arrival of Jose Mourinho.

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