Neymar And Cavani’s Selfish Interest May Ruin Paris Saint-German’s European Ambition

The rift between Neymar and Cavani seem to have gotten out of hands after the misunderstanding they had on the field over who would take a penalty in their victory against Lyon.

The fact remains that both Neymar and Cavani have placed personal interest above team’s interest.

Realistically speaking, Neymar’s move to Paris Saint-German was to pursue a personal interest, which he has practically failed to achieve in Barcelona due to the presence of Lionel Messi, whose performance had outclassed the Brazilian during his stint with the Catalan side.

Neymar moved to PSG so he could become the main man and compete favourably with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in his quest to win the World Best Player award, he was not seeing Cavani as a contender and had probably expected that the Uruguayan would bow to his feet. But things have turned out differently.

Cavani who has spent four years in the club and have established himself as the regular penalty player is also using that as an opportunity to increase his goal tally, since he is entitled to €1m bonus as stated in his contract, if he emerges as highest goal scorer for PSG.

The Uruguayan got the bonus last season and wish to continue enjoying it, not minding if Neymar is on the pitch or not. This decision is a clear indication that he is also advising the Brazilian to seek other means of scoring goals and forget getting goals through penalties while he is on the pitch.

But what become the effects of these individual interest on PSG as a team?

Paris Saint-German as a team will certainly lose focus in achieving teamwork spirit in the club when they meet a tough side particularly in Europe, as the duo of Neymar and Cavani seem to have reduced their level of passes to each other during matches.

In the victory against Lyon, Neymar passed the ball only twice to Cavani, but has struck up a telepathic understanding with Mbappe who also joined PSG on loan during the summer.

While Cavani who netted 49 goals last season to win his €1m bonus only touched the ball 20 times in the match against Lyon and did not pass the ball to Neymar at all on the pitch.

The situation need to be given immediate attention, coach Unai Emery has said he would work out modalities on how penalties will be taken by the two, but something more drastic need to be done before personal ego ruins the ambition of the club.





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