Nigerian Girl Reveals The Most Unacceptable Facts On Stephen Keshi’s Death

A Nigerian girl who felt so pathetic about the untimely death of the former Super Eagles coach, shocked the world as she went on twitter to pay tribute to Stephen Okechukwu Keshi. Though she may have made a tribute about the former Super Eagles coach, but the “fact” which she projected was very unacceptable.

RIP Stephen Keshi…..
one of the best musician Nigeria have produced..I love all his song

— Nwanyi Mbaise (@Mizwizkid) June 8, 2016

Stephen Okechukwu Keshi was never a musician, neither was it ever heard that an album was ascribed to him,what ever may be the source of this girl’s information, still remains amusing and shocking to all who read it on twitter. Nwanyi Mbaise, thank you for the info.

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