Pep Guardiola Is Facing Difficult Coaching Career Without Messi

Pep Guardiola has gone trophy less for the first time in his coaching career and is currently struggling to hold grip to the top four after playing a goalless draw with Manchester United at the Etihad stadium yesterday. This is arguably Guardiola’s worst season as a football manager.

Interestingly, if there is someone Pep would be missing in his coaching career, then it is Lionel Messi. Guardiola wanted to make him the world best player, but the young player ended up making Pep the world best football manager in the world.

pep and messi

Pep guided Messi to win his first ever Ballon d’or while in charge at Barcelona

No doubt, Lionel Messi was instrumental towards the success of the Catalan during his four season sojourn in Barcelona making the manager to win 14 titles within the period of his stay. A feat which is rare among football managers who assumed managing a team for the first time in their lives.

Pep Guardiola chose to leave Barcelona after four years and went on sabbatical before resuming a new appointment at Bayern Munich, where he hoped to achieve more without his star player Lionel Messi. Things went a bit rosy for him winning the Bundesliga title in his three seasons in charge and reaching the semifinal of the champions league on all occasions.

But Pep could not win the champions league with Bayern Munich, while Lionel Messi became one of his biggest challenge in the champions league, the monster which he created and guided to stardom in Camp Nou sent his side packing from the champions league on one occasion.

In Manchester City things look a bit difficult as Pep has bought several players to enable him get the Messi-feelings on the field, but things seems not to have gone his desired way in the first season, maybe he would need a second season to get the kind of Messi-like player that he needs but for how long will club owners continue to wait.


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