Pep Guardiola Is Set To Get Pound of Flesh From Conte At Stamford Bridge

Pep Guardiola’s men will be playing their second-leg premier league match against league leaders Chelsea at the Stamford Bridge tonight.

Manchester City lost in their first-leg match at Etihad against Chelsea, losing in the second-leg at Stamford Bridge would be bad omen to Pep’s side, who are currently seated on the fourth position of the table after 29 matches.

Conte’s side are still leaders on the table, but the fact that they lost their last premier league home match to Crystal Palace has made it clear that they are invincible at Stamford Bridge, and that would really put a lot of pressure on them when City come visiting today.

City know how important winning at Stamford Bridge is, a win today will guarantee them an upward move to the third position on the table ahead of Liverpool.

The last time City won at Stamford Bridge was in April 2016 and that was when former boss Jose Mourinho was still in charge and his side was given a 3-0 heavy defeat.

Though its going to be a tough one, both sides are likely going to score each other irrespective of what happens.

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