Pep Guardiola Is Still Not Happy Over Manchester Derby Cancellation

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola is not happy as the Manchester derby was cancelled as a result of bad weather at the Bird Nest pitch in Beijing China. The match would have afforded the Catalan an opportunity to test his side against an English side.

According to the former Bayern Manager, “It wasn’t the water, it wasn’t the rain, it was just the state of the pitch,” he fumed. “We have played in really bad conditions in our careers, but that pitch two days ago was impossible to play on.

Guardiola further stated that “If we had played on that pitch, the fans would have said ‘what is that game?’ because it was unacceptable.”

Pep Guardiola’s feelings was not okay due to the cancellation, as Manchester City has already scheduled four matches in the pre-season. Since the Derby was cancelled, the oil-rich club will be left with just three pre-season games and this don’t seem to go down well with the Catalan.

The former Barcelona manager also stated that Jose Mourinho makes him better, as it affords him the opportunity to see the lapses in his team.

The planned but cancelled Manchester derby, would have given both teams an opportunity to log heads on a neutral ground, before their premier league clash in England by September.

The duo of Manchester City and Manchester United are undergoing similar situation, as they are now adapting to life with their new managers.

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