Pep Guardiola May Inherit A Non-Champions League-Bound Manchester City

Pep Guardiola is to resume at Manchester by summer, but it seems that the Spaniard may take over a Manchester City that would not be going for the UEFA Champions League despite City’s historical performance of reaching the semifinal stage of the tournament at the 2016 champions league.

Arsenal compelled City to a 2-2 draw at Etihad during the weekend, denying Guardiola’s new club an opportunity to maintain the top four position except Manchester United are faced with an upset.

Guardiola may have to be faced with a situation where he will lead City to the Europa League, as there is no clause in his contract that states that the contract could be set aside if City fails to qualify for the champions league.

A win for City in her last league game is not yet a guarantee that they could finish top four as United who are currently on the fourth position still have an outstanding match.

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