Pep Guardiola Men Heap More Misery On Arsene Wenger

Manchester City thrashed Arsenal 3-0 before their home crowd at the Emirate Stadium to make situation more miserable for an Arsene Wenger who is under pressure already.

The win means City are now the first team since 2005/2006 to beat Arsenal three times in a season and its happening barely a few days after Guardiola’s men denied Wenger’s men their surest hope of winning a trophy in the Carabao Cup final.

It was humiliating as the fans can no longer speak again, with 80 minutes of play, the Emirates stadium looked deserted, on City’s fan could be seen and life became more miserable for Arsene Wenger who sat and watched his side humbled back-to-back.

Guardiola had earlier said he was still supporting his colleague, he actually showed that with the manner his men played. It was obvious that City were not determined to score more than three goals, they just maintained their first half 3-0 lead, but ensured Arsenal did not score.

Arsenal’s only hope of seeing the back of the net came through a penalty, but City goalkeeper Ederson ensured Aubamaeyang’s name did not appear on the score sheet as the Brazilian dived and parried the ball, making life more difficult for Wenger.

At some point, it became another training session for Manchester City, who ensured they touched the ball around and making their host come looking for the ball in a desperate but fruitless manner.

Arsene Wenger’s future can honestly be determined by the French man, he has to make a decision that would be in the interest of the club, the players and himself if he really loves the club, only him can be honourable and make the right decision at the right time.

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