Pep Guardiola Has Proved To Be a Genius

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has really proved to be a genius following his sides 2-1 defeat of Manchester United in a derby drama that saw his men have a 75% possession of the ball before United’d home crowd.

The win also debunks critics position about the Spaniard where there was general opinion that Pep can not replicate his performances while in the Spanish La liga and German Bundesliga with the English Premier League.

During his first season in the premier league when his side finished third on the table, BBC Sport quoted the Spaniard to say “I am not used to trailing teams behind, and that seems to be the situation now but I think I will have to find out what I can do do, to make Manchester City better”.

It probably took him one season to get the quality of players he needs to get the desired result, but with the win against Manchester United, Pep Guardiola has proven that he can adapt to the style of play in the English premier league and has further proven that he is not in the habit of trailing teams.

His decision to substitute Gabriel Jesus for a defender while his side took the lead in the second-half is a clear indication that he understands that defending in the premier league is key for one to maintain his win.

He has also gone 16 matches in the premier league unbeaten winning 15 and drawing just 1, a record which any manager who comes to City in the future must battle to surpass.

The former Barcelona manager has also replicated a possessive style of play which gives his side an edge in the premier league to possess the ball more than his opponents, irrespective of whether he is at home or away.

Pep Guardiola told BBC Sport before the match against United that he was not interested in setting new records but winning each match as it comes. This he has actually done, but in winning each match as it comes, new records are bound to be created.

In Europe, the Spaniard must have made his employers happy by his performance, gradually moving City from a second tier European club to an elites club after leading his side to finish top of the Group in the Champions league through an impressive performance.

City will be willing to face any team in the knock-out stage of the Champions league, not minding the achievements of such team in the past.

Pep Guardiola has also been able to put a winning mentality in his players, as well as increasing their work-rate on the field and making his men more confidence on the ball and courageous in play.

City will surely go all the way to achieve outstanding feats under Pep Guardiola, the Spaniard who is also the highest earning coach in the world will have to prove that he deserves to earn the cheque he gets.

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