Pep Guardiola Salutes Mourinho And Others, Shuns Arsene Wenger At Unveiling Ceremony

Manchester City unveiled their new manager Pep Guardiola on Sunday, during the club’s Cityzens weekend where the new manager spoke with fans and supporters. While the Spaniard’s shaky relationship with Jose Mourinho has been the subject of discussion by many ahead of the new 2016/17 season, a new case seems to have come up.

Pep Guardiola may have created a new enemy for himself in the person of Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger, after he commented while addressing suporters that “there are good managers in England”. He went ahead and mentioned Jurgen Klopp, Antonio Conte, Claudio Ranieri, Jose Mourinho, Mauricio Pochettino and Ronald Koeman, while Arsene Wenger’s name was conspicuously missing.

pep and wen

Arsene Wenger and Pep Guardiola have been in good terms, but can this omission make their relationship go sour?

The 45-year old Spaniard strongly believes that coaching job have to do with the desire for a manager to win titles, but this is probably lacking in the Frenchman’s philosophy of play. Arsene Wenger has been in Arsenal since 1996, spanning a period of 20 years, qualifying the club to every edition of the uefa champions league but failing to win the title on any occasion.

Pep Guardiola while in charge of Barcelona and Bayern Munich have played Arsene Wenger 8 times at the uefa’s champions league, Pep won 4 times while Wenger won twice and the remaining 2 matches ended in a draw, but the Spaniard have successfully sent the Frenchman packing from the tournament in all their encounters.

The omission of Wenger among Pep’s list of great managers in England is not just surprising, as the Spaniard once described Arsene Wenger as a good manager while in charge of Bayern. In his comment then Pep said,“I have a lot of respect for my colleague Arsene: he always likes the good, good players, the good style of football.”

Arsene Wenger and Pep Guardiola have always been in good terms, but the recent comment made by the Spaniard may lead to a sour relationship between the two managers during Guardiola’s period of sojourn in England.

Pep Guardiola’ Manchester City will test their tactics with Arsene Wenger for the first time in the English premier league on December 21, 2016, while both managers will still be hoping to keep their eye on the title.

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