Pep Guardiola’s Presence In Etihad Is Big Boost For Club’s European Exploit

Guardiola’s competence may have been questioned after City’s 4-0 loss to Barcelona at Camp Nou, in a defeat that appeared to be the club’s biggest loss to the Catalans side since they started clashing in Europe. But the 3-1 win at Etihad stadium is indeed an assurance that the 45-year-old former Barcelona manager was the right man for the job.

It was historical for Pep, helping his side record their first ever victory against his former club and giving them the confidence that they can beat any club in Europe.

No doubt the outcome of the match is exactly what Manchester City owners looked up to, when they lured the former Barcelona manager to Etihad. They needed to have a manager that would move City from a second tier club to an elites club in European football, and the win against Barcelona is a bold step.

Pep Guardiola’s attacking philosophy was not left out in the match, as his side practically dispossessed their visitor’s in the second half and scoring twice to win their first match against Barcelona.


The boys now have confidence that they can beat any team in the world

The 45-year-old Catalan found it difficult to celebrate when his side took the lead in the second half, apparently because he was considering that celebrating at this point was not necessary as the margin still looked slim. But he took time to celebrate when the third goal was scored.

One great achievement Pep has been able to achieve with Manchester City players, is giving his boys the confidence that they can beat any team in Europe and gradually converting them into world class players that are capable of ruling the world in the shortest time.

The psychology and approach of the players under Pep Guardiola has changed as they can now hold on to the ball with determination and desire to score.

Manchester City reached the semifinal of the champions league for the first time last season under former manager Manuel Pellegrini and are hoping to go beyond that under Pep Guardiola.

Pep Guardiola who had reached the semifinals of the champions league through out his managerial career will be hoping to improve on their previous performance in Europe and probably take them to the finals of the tournament.


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