Pogba Is Yet To Prove He Is Worth £89m

Former Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba has gone goalless in four consecutive premier league matches since his arrival at Old Trafford during the last summer transfer.

Pogba who moved to Manchester United on a record breaking transfer fee of £89m, is yet to score a goal after playing four premier league matches.

The most recent where he was expected to prove his price tag was commensurate with his output was in the Manchester derby, but Pogba remained a shadow of himself.

Critics and Manchester United fans are beginning to wonder if the French man was really worth the price tag placed on him by United.

Pogba’s transfer deal is expected to give the quality of result which was realized, when Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale moved to Real Madrid from Manchester United and Liverpool respectively, on a record breaking transfer fee, but he is yet to do same.

Interestingly, it is former Paris Saint-German forward Zlatan Ibrahimhovic who is keeping hopes alive for United, scoring four goals in four matches with an average of one goal per match.

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