Police Officer Dies As Russian And Spanish Fans Clash In Europa League

The death of a police officer by name Goian Bego has been announced by the Bilbao police following a clash between the Spartak Moscow and Athletic Bilbao fans ahead of the second leg of the Europa league cup which took place in Spain.

According to report from Mirror Sport, the Bilbao police released a brief statement on social media announcing the death by saying: “Our condolences to colleagues, friends and relatives of the Ertzaintza deceased in Act of service. Rest in peace!! Goian Bego

Police officers clashed with supporters of the two sides before the match

The source further disclosed that :”A battle between rival fans in Bilbao prior to Thursday night’s Europa League meeting between Athletic and Spartak Moscow has led to the death of a police officer.

Supporters of the two clubs fought in the streets surrounding the Basque club’s San Mames stadium, in the hours building up to their second leg meeting.

Athletic had emerged victorious in the first leg in Russia last week, running out 3-1 winners in Moscow, but there had been a number of warnings in the lead up to the return of potential trouble involving Russian Ultras.

Two policemen overpowered an aggressive fan outside the stadium

Further reports from the source stated :”Immediate reports from Spain declared five people were taken to the Basurto University hospital, before it was announced at 10pm local time that a member of the Ertzaintza – the Basque civilian police – had lost his life.

Mirror Sport reported that “Hundreds of Russian fans are believed to have attempted to travel to Spain without tickets. It’s understood some even attempted to breach no travel orders.

The source further disclosed that:”A group of 200 Russian hooligans met at the Plaza Moyua at 6.30pm, before scuffles first broke out between rival fans some 90 minutes before kickoff”.

The civilian police force responded quickly, however, fighting soon broke out in the Deusto district of Bilbao, as a large group of Russian hooligans charged groups of home fans.

Police attempted to intercept and restore peace however, one officer is understood to have suffered a cardiac arrest, and sadly passed away after being rushed to hospital where medics attempted to resuscitate him.

Unfortunately this is actually happening with just a few months to Russia hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup

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