Police Seize Lionel Messi’s-Branded Cocaine Worth £68m In Peru

The Police in Peru have intercepted and seized 1,417 kilograms of cocaine worth £68 million which was branded with Lionel Messi’s picture and logo.

The anti-drug police unit in Lima confirmed the cocaine which was found in a shipping container while on voyage to Belgium according to Metro reports.

Some of the packages found in the shipping container had Lionel Messi’s face and logo, it was also discovered that the packages had the king of Spain’s official seal on the front.

Claims were made that the use of Messi’s photo is to indicate the product’s quality and to keep people away from tampering with the packages.

The Argentine and Barcelona forward goes home with a whooping sum of £20m annually on endorsement alone the main reason this development has become very worrisome.

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