Prostitutes Slash Down Service Fee To Encourage Athletes And Picnickers In Rio

Prostitutes in Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil, have declared bonus just to ensure that “Real men” who have come visiting for the games will be able to afford the services rendered while sojourning in Brazil for the games.

According to reliable source, the Olympic special prices offer at Vila Mimosa became necessary so that the commercial sex worker would not have a bitter experience like they had when they hosted the World Cup in 2014.


Aline Docinha, 39, left, and Gabriela Alves, 39, told MailOnline that they came up with the initiative after their experience during the World Cup.

The sex-workers printed flyers in English language inviting athletes to red light area near centre at a cheaper rate, sex for 30 minutes now costs 40 reals as against the former price of 75 reals, while sex for one hour now costs 60 reals as against its initial price of 90 reals.

There is recession in Brazil economy, and speedy adjustment need to be made by the commercial sex-workers to enable them benefit from picnickers who had come for the games, as well as athletes.

Vila Mimosa in Brazil is arguably Rio’s oldest and largest prostitution zone, where over 3,000 women offer their services in more than 70 bars and nightclubs situated around a bustling marketplace.

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