Prostitutes To Charge 65 Euros (About N14,700) For Short-Term Services During The Rio Olympic Games

Prostitutes are set to make the stay of tourists comfortable, during their sojourn in Rio for the 2016 Olympic games in Brazil. Their efforts all started during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, when a sizable number of prostitutes, enrolled for English classes to enable them communicate fluently with their clients-to-be in the world largest football tournament.


Ready for the services

Though prostitution is legalized in Brazil, but it is technically not allowed, as some prostitutes were ejected by the Brazilian government during preparations for the 2014 World Cup. Interestingly, “Mulatto” girls will trace their steps all the way from Europe, Australia, Asia, U.S and even from Latin America to make tourists not get bored during the event.


Prostitutes who attended English class lectures

According to Dodho Magazine, Rio is one of the world market for sex business, it is one of the most renowned and socially diverse with regards to the demand and supply of the trade. It also identifies “Copacabana” as the number one place to find luxury brothels, as it provides adequate sunsets and shelter to anyone from any part of the world that meets there in exchange for the business of sex.

Charges for the services in Copacabana according to one of the commercial sex-workers is 200 Reais  (65 Euros, and about N14,628 Nigerian currency) for two hours. Some of the prostitutes makes it clear that they make love to a man for money, and provide exactly for them what they cannot get back home.Concerning discounts and bonuses or free-sex for the services, one of the sex-workers have this to say, “you have to pay at least for the first night, then from there we could see how it goes.”

Tourists who would be travelling to Brazil for the games and intend to patronize sex-workers, will also need to be very careful as regards  non-payment after services, as there have been reported cases where prostitutes murder clients after services were rendered and payments were not made.

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