Real Madrid And Atletico Madrid Clash In The Battle Of Milan: Match Facts And Statistics

Sport Intelligence do a general preview of the two teams that will clash in the final of the 2016 champions league on May 28 in Milan, bringing out facts and statistics.

  1. This is the third time two Spanish teams will be meeting in the final of the champions league, the first was in 2000 (Real Madrid and Valencia), second in 2014 (Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid) and third in 2016 (Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid);
  2. Only Spanish teams have recorded the highest number of one-nation final in the champions league with three appearances. England, Italy, and Germany all have one-nation final each;
  3. Spain have recorded the highest number of wins of the champions league, with this final totaling 16;
  4. Real Madrid will be playing in their 14th European final and have won 10 out of it, while Atletico Madrid will be playing in their third European final and are yet to win any;
  5. Zinedine Zidane and Diego Simeone will be aiming to win their first European title as a managers, with Zidane aiming to become the 7th manager to win the title both as a player and as a manager;
  6. Diego Simeone will be leading Atletico Madrid to the final of the champions league for the second time in three years, while Zinedine Zidane will be leading Real Madrid for the first time;
  7. This is the third consecutive time a new manager will get to the final of the champions league in his first season, Diego Simeone in 2014, Luis Enrique in 2015 and Zinedine Zidane in 2016;
  8. The last time both teams met in the final of the champions league was in 2014, and it went in favour of Real Madrid, who won the La Decima the same year;
  9.  Both teams established authority by finishing top in their various groups. While Madrid topped Group A with 16 points, Atletico finished top of Group C with 13 points;
  10. In terms of the champions league managerial experience, Atletico Madrid will be having an edge with Diego Simeone who has been to the final two seasons ago while Real Madrid manager is coming there for the first time.
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