Romelu Lukaku Is The Future of Manchester United

The template to have Romelu Lukaku become the hope of the future of Manchester United was built by Jose Mourinho in 2013 while he returned as manager of Chelsea for the second time.

The Portuguese manager loaned Lukaku from Chelsea to Everton, believing that he would develop and mature there while critics felt he failed to give the young Belgian an opportunity.

Four years later, after Jose Mourinho took  charge of Manchester United, he went seeking for the services of the Belgian and signed him to become one of the strongest forces to reckon with in the new Manchester United.

Obviously Mourinho has seen some development in the 25-year-old former Chelsea forward. Lukaku is more mature, he has also developed more skills in finishing in front of the post and fits in.

The past six matches of Manchester United clearly shows that Lukaku is ready for the new United, nothing has happened without him making his presence known.

Jose Mourinho was probably right, he loaned him to Everton to prepare him for an elites club like Manchester United, where he would become a leader and redeemer when the likes of Wayne Rooney aged out.

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