Ronaldo Banned And Fined For Pushing Referee

Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo has been handed a 5-match ban after pushing the centre referee in Real Madrid’s 3-1 win against Barcelona in the first-leg of the Spanish Super Cup.

Ronaldo who was frustrated with the decision of referee Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea, turned round to protest by pushing the official in the back before storming off to the sidelines.

The official did not react to the push while on the pitch, but he did mention it in his report and Ronaldo now faces further action. His report read: “Once the red card was shown, the player pushed me slightly in a sign of disagreement,” Bengoetxea wrote in his report.

The Portuguese has been given one game for the initial red card and four more for the subsequent physical altercation. A €3005 (£2727) fine has been added on top of the suspension.

Any appeal will have to wait until Wednesday, the day of the second leg of the Super Copa at the Bernabeu, because of a public holiday on Tuesday.

Ronaldo received two bookings in the space of three minutes, with the second coming for a dive which the referee took exception to.

  • One-game ban for red card (two yellows) vs Barcelona in Super Copa first leg
  • Four-game ban for pushing referee Ricard De Burgos
  • €3005 fine for physical confrontation with an official
  • €1400 fine to Real Madrid

An additional mandatory €800 fine has been handed to Ronaldo for the red card, with the club billed for €350.

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