Ronaldo Plans To Close Up With Mitchel Platini’s Record In Style

Cristiano Ronaldo is planning to meet up with Mitchel Platini’s all-time highest goal score record in EURO championship, as his side faces tricky Croatia in the knockout stage of the Euro 2016.

Ronaldo trail former France star Mitchel Platini whose all-time goals scored in the tournament is nine goals, and have long kept the record before this tournament. The Real Madrid forward who was initially 6 goals before this tournament has increased his record to 8 goals, and will need a goal to level up.

The former Manchester United forward ¬†scored twice against Hungary to keep Portugal’s hope alive, in a match filled with intrigues and eventually produced a total of six goals.

Portugal did not lose any match in the group stage, neither did they win any, but they will be facing a Croatian side that shocked defending champions Spain in the group stage beating them 2-1 without their main man Modric.

However, Modric will be available in the clash against Portugal, where he will become enemy with his club mate Cristiano Ronaldo.

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