Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup: FIFA Calls For Purchase of Match Tickets

The world governing football body FIFA has called on interested fans to begin the application for their world cup tickets ahead of the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup expected to take place in June next year.

The call was published and presented on the official website of FIFA with instructions given on how to secure the ticket on by VISA.

Interested persons will be expected to log-in and apply via their ticketing account, while anyone who wsih to apply and do not have a ticketing account will necessarily have to sign-up for one.

The application will be done on “My Requests” page, while someone who has purchased one can apply for more tickets on same page.

The application is open from September 14th and runs to October 12th, 2017, and one can apply for Individual Match Tickets for all Matches, Venue Specific Ticket Series for all Stadiums and Team Specific Ticket Series to follow your favourite team.

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