Sanchez Is Set To Inflict More National Team Pains On Lionel Messi

As Argentina host Chile on Friday in the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifier, memories of the pains which Chile have caused Lionel Messi and his side would run through their memories.

Sanchez and his side denied Lionel Messi and his national team mates an opportunity to ever win a national title on two consecutive occasions. The first being in the finals of the Copa America 2015 and the later was in June 2016 when both teams clashed again in the final of the 2016 Centurion Copa America hosted in the United States.

Although, Argentina beat Chile en route the final but it was Chile who won when winning was more significant on two occasions, winning the match in the two finals thereby denying Argentina two national titles.

Lionel Messi and his national team mates will be playing host to Chile on Friday, in a must-win World Cup qualifier, as they are seated on the fifth position of the table eight points adrift group leaders Brazil, while Chile are on the fourth position with one point ahead of Argentina.

Though five teams are expected to qualify from South America, which makes it loo as though Argentina are safe, but the reality is that they are directly trailed by Colombia with one point and who will take on Bolivia on Thursday. A win for Colombia means they will be ahead of Argentina, making it compulsory for Argentina to win Chile in the clash.

Argentina have had a difficult World Cup qualifier encounter, losing crucial matches and getting unnecessary draws on one or two occasions. A win for Argentina will restore the confidence the team need to qualify for Russia 2018 Cup, while a draw or loss would put them into lots of calculations.

Chile may play without their key man Sanchez who have scored five goals so far in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers, but Vidal who is Chile’s highest goal scorer in the world cup qualifiers with six goals will be readily available for selection.

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